Real student review: Cathy

Dear Jolanta, I just wanted to send this wee email in appreciation of how much of an amazing trainer you have been.

Firstly, I signed up to Certificate III in Pathology Collection with LTT for a career change. As a single parent, I needed to find a career which suited me well. With my daughter starting prep, the shift work which I was working in was just not going to suit that, so it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone and go back to a short study at 30 years of age. 

Throughout the course there were times I thought to myself, ‘why did I do this to myself, this is challenging’. I was so exhausted with working full time, getting my assessments done on time and being a mother, but I pushed through. I have you to thank for this as coming to your classes was fun, and learning was made easy with your teaching - not only from a textbook but real life experiences and stories which I loved.  You made it crystal clear we could contact you at any time for help and assistance, which was an absolute comfort, and we all knew as a class we weren’t alone in this course. We had each other and a down to earth, fantastic trainer. Jolanta, you guided each and everyone of us in that class to trust in ourselves that we could be amazing phlebotomists! And here we are all qualified! 

No one can beat your enthusiasm and passion to teach a course you clearly love, and a career you thoroughly seemed to enjoy prior to teaching. You inspire me to progress and grow in the pathology field with confidence. 

Being accepted into a job role with Dorevich just three weeks after I finished my placement has me blown away. I can now go and build my confidence and skills with all the teaching you provided me and being open for us to contact you at anytime and keep you in the loop on how we are going along the way. 

I am forever grateful to you for making the learning of phlebotomy easier with your down to earth nature, and as I say again, you made learning again fun and not one bit daunting. You are a credit to LTT. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jolanta. 
— Cathy, Certificate III in Pathology Collection