Food science technician careers

When you bite into a nougat bar, it may just seem like some sugar, honey, nuts, egg whites and other flavours. What you don’t realise is that months and months of testing and research went into that bite.

One of the experts behind that process is a Food Science Technician.

So what exactly is a Food Science Technician?

Food Science Technicians are responsible for testing new products during processing to make sure they are safe for customers, fit for distribution, and most importantly, taste good! They test and examine the physical and chemical properties of food from ‘farm to fork’ to ensure the taste, quality and texture of the products are all up to scratch.

In the private industry, Food Science Technicians collect and prepare samples, test food and food additives, and analyse chemical properties of food to determine ingredients and formulas.

It is common for Food Science Technicians to specialise in a specific area, which could include microbiology, processing technology, carbon management or sequestration.

In the public sector, it is the Food Science Technicians job to determine whether ingredients, additives, composition and the finished product meet all the national standards and regulations.

Is this career right for you?

Are you scientifically minded? Are you passionate about food and fascinated by the idea of food production and preparation? You could make a huge difference to the health of the wider community by maintaining and improving food standards as a Food Science Technician. If this sounds like the right career for you, a laboratory qualification can equip you with the skills and knowledge to get there.