Helping your team meet the standard

  • Training on-site in the workplace

  • Funded training opportunities Australia-wide for eligible employees

  • Supporting labs to mitigate compliance risk

Increasing Australia’s skilled workforce is a priority for both federal and state governments, and incentives, subsidies, and payroll tax exemptions or rebates to businesses that invest in staff training are available for eligible employees.

In some instances, the costs of training may be exceeded by the available rebates, and undertaking a staff development program can be a cost-neutral or cost-positive exercise depending on the employee group.

Eligibility for incentives is calculated on a case-by-case basis for individual employees. We will liaise on behalf of the employer with the relevant Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider to determine eligibility. Eligibility criteria apply and we cannot guarantee your business will qualify for government benefits, including incentive payments and / or payroll tax exemptions or rebates.

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