Real student review: Simonne

The training was amazing and the experience set me up really well. It was daunting to find out where to start to get back to the workforce – military doesn’t really translate to normal work. With two young kids and a husband, the flexibility of part-time classes let me study – and the prac let me dip a toe in and see if it was right for me and a good fit for my family. Mums… it’s tricky! I was so happy with the support of everyone there and the way it was run – it was amazing. I chose hospital work instead of a collection centre – I wanted more of a challenge, it’s my time to have a career!
— Simonne, Certificate III in Pathology Collection

As a stay at home mum with a military background, pathology collection was a completely new skill for Simonne. Simonne completed her placement at a clinic and is now employed by a large private hospital – Simonne was interviewed a few days before finishing her prac and started her new job the following week.