Real student review: phlebotomy student

Before studying I worked in casino international marketing. I took a break from working while I lived with chronic illness and disability. When I came out of massive phase of healing, I started asking myself what I wanted to do, if and when I can start working again. I wasn’t motivated to go back into my former career which was marketing.

I had some blood tests done. That’s when I started thinking about pathology collection as my come back career. I was at Clinipath and I asked what it was like working in this industry. I must have been asking a lot of questions, because they said if I’m interested I should definitely go and study at LTT. They said they (Clinipath) recruit directly from LTT. She talked very positively of the quality of the study and the potential for recruitment after studying.

My favourite part of the course has been learning, having someone like Lauren make the learning so accessible. She made us feel comfortable and at ease about learning the content. At the beginning every was a bit apprehensive about taking blood, but also curious and open about it. Lauren’s non-judgemental approach really helped. She made it feel like “1, 2, 3, Go. You’re in.” She made us feel so at ease and so relaxed. I have really appreciated the support along the way, from both Lauren and Amanda. I’ve just loved this course.
— Perth phlebotomy student